Custom Fields in Directory 2.0

I've been trying to find the answer to this on the forum in another post, but just can't locate it. Sorry if I overlooked it, but here is my question:

How do you setup the custom fields for a post for the Directory 2.0? I cannot find new install instructions (I know it's just been released). I've even tried to get Directory 1.7 going, but to no avail. I can get it setup on a fresh install, but I don't see how to get the custom fields to display on a new post (when someone wants to add a listing). What I want is what is shown in Step 13 on the WordPress Directory Plugin instructions - fields for things like Contact Name, URL, e-mail, etc.

With 2.0, there is no Directory showing in the Dashboard, etc., so the instructions are out of date. Can anyone tell me what to do to create these customfields in Directory 2.0?

Thanks in advance.