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I was on the following live tech chat this evening –

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Name: Larry Davis

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What is your issue? trying to change a label in the M2 Pro membership registration form

Nahid Ferdous Mohit Wed, 11/01/17 09:52:46 pm America/Chicago

Hey there, how are you today?

Hey Larry!

Larry Davis 09:53:09 pm


the page is here – the site it’s running M2 pro plug-in

and I’m trying to simply trying to change the label on the first field to read “Enter a Username Using Your First & Last Name Only”

can we do this with CSS?

Nahid Ferdous Mohit 09:53:39 pm

Let me take a quick look into it.

Larry Davis 09:54:49 pm

It’s a big problem for the client because the Pay Pal reporting is not providing details and he needs to find the new registers and set-up their page

Nahid Ferdous Mohit 09:55:08 pm

I see, sorry to hear that.

Larry Davis 09:55:26 pm

so he wants all the user names to be only first and last name.

I’m a designer not code guy and my code support guy has been ill – so I’m trying to tackle this. 09:56:06 pm

Nahid Ferdous Mohit 09:56:33 pm

Alright, just a moment, let me check if we have any hooks or filters around.

Larry Davis 09:58:25 pm

in the theme you will see a custom CSS tool that we have worked on the style of this form but not the label

I have accessed support access

Nahid Ferdous Mohit 09:59:27 pm

Thanks! Let me take a look.

Unfortunately, the labels cannot be changed through CSS, The easiest way of achieving this would be to use the Ultimate branding plugin & then enable the built in site wide text replace module, this allows you to enter any text or phrase and enter replacement text for it. 10:01:09 pm

Larry Davis 10:01:51 pm

do you think it will cause problems with M2Pro

or the extended Buddy press forms 10:02:02 pm

Nahid Ferdous Mohit 10:02:07 pm

Nope, shouldn’t do. Should work just fine.


When I install Ultimate Branding we are getting a Server Error 500 – also I’m concerned if Ultimate Branding will work on the page/form in question

since this is a virtual page – will this work? – Please advise – I did not have 38 minutes to get back on the Live Chat.

Thank you!

Larry Davis

Larry Davis 10:03:41 pm

Yes – Thank you for all you help!

Nahid Ferdous Mohit 10:03:56 pm


Larry Davis 10:04:04 pm

Have a good evening or day … God Bless you

Nahid Ferdous Mohit 10:04:13 pm

You too! Thank you very much!

  • Katya Tsihotska
    • Support & QA

    Hi Larry Davis

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!

    As my colleague Nahid mentioned in chat, to change text of the label you'd need to do the following:

    1. Install and activate Ultimate Branding plugin

    2. Go to the Branding > Dashboard and activate "Network Wide Text Change" module.

    3. Go to the Branding > Text Change

    4. Add new text change

    5. Fill it with the following data:

    Find this text: Choose a Username

    in this text domain: <leave this field emplty>

    and replace it with Enter a Username Using Your First & Last Name Only

    Admin/Front-end only? Front-end pages only

    Should be the following in result:

    Don't forget to save changes.

    If you have any additional questions please let us know and we'll be happy to help.

    Kind regards,


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