Custom Function for Custompress/GeoMyWP/Display Posts Shortcode

Project Overview:
I'm using the above mentioned plugins as well as the wpmudev directory plugin for this project. On my home page I'm displaying the top 6 listings from the directory plugin using GeoMyWP and Display Posts Shortcode to pull the listings onto the home page.
The information being displayed/pulled in is correctly and working great however they are pulling in all the "custom taxonimies" I created in the CustomPress plugin (these custom taxonimies are being displayed/pulled into the directory plugin as "insurance services provided").

If a user selects 4+ of the custom taxonomies "insurance services provided" it makes the listings on the home page look cluttered and messes up the alignment. I'm was hoping to create a custom function code to only pull 3 of the custom taxonomies and display a More... link that would link to the listing profile.

This is what I have started but I need some help:

function custom_tax_insurance_service_display() {
	//Applies usage to all forms
	add_filter( "gmw_default_form_values" , "gmw_modify_form_values", 10, 1 );
		if( ! $taxonomy->hierarchical) continue;
		$tax_name = $taxonomy->name;
		$labels = $taxonomy->labels;

		if (str_word_count($string, 0) > $limit) {
			$words = str_word_count($text,2);
			$pos = array_keys($words);
    		// make sure it ends in a word so assassinate doesn't become ass...
    		$string = substr($stringCut, 0, strrpos($stringCut, ' ')).'... <a href="NOT_SURE_WHAT_GOES_HERE">More</a>';
		echo $string;


I'm hoping this is code is close as I feel a little out of my league here.... lol