Custom Google Search Deprecated Function


Is Custom Google Search still being actively developed or is it on a path to retirement?

On a WP 4.9.8 multiste network, Query Monitor reports:


{type: “deprecated”, message: “Function create_function() is deprecated”, file: “wp-content/plugins/custom-google-search/widget.php”, line: 6, stack: Array(1), …}

component: “Plugin: custom-google-search”

file: “wp-content/plugins/custom-google-search/widget.php”

line: 6

message: “Function create_function() is deprecated”

stack: [“wp-content/plugins/custom-google-search/custom-google-search.php”]

type: “deprecated”

__proto__: Object

This message gets generated multiple times per page in admin.

Really cluttering up the browser console.

Will this be resolved?

Please advise.