[Custom Google Search] Second copy of search results if search box in footer widget area

If you use the Custom Google Search option with the results on a separate page, you will get a second copy of the search results in the footer, if the search box is placed in a footer widget area. I could grant support access, but it's just a plain sandbox site with nothing on it. Testing will also require access to your own Google CSE dashboard. Here is the detailed testing scenario.

WordPress theme: Twenty Seventeen

All plugins disabled except WPMUDEV Custom Google Search

Place WPMUDEV Custom Google Search widget in footer widget area

Google CSE control panel

– Look and feel > Layout: Two page

WP Dashboard > Settings > Custom Google Search

– Embed Code: search box code from Google CSE control panel

– Display search results as: Custom Page

– Search Results Page: Search Results

Create a page called "Search Results"

Paste as plain text the Search Results code from Google CSE control panel