FrameMarket: Custom Header?

I don't see how to control the logo or header the way I WANT it to be looked on the website.

I looked into the Theme Option (FrameMarket Parent Theme) to set up my theme. I selected Custom Header or Logo under the type of header. Thus would allow me to control over logo.

But when I clicked the Custom Header. It doesn't give me much control over my logo. Just to upload your logo then crop and publish. Not much of control and the logo must be 980x100 pixels (will be used as is). This looks too tacky. I don't want to show 980x100 pixels logo on my website when I really wanted (something more of 192 x 52 pixels). Not 980x100 pixels. I thought FrameMarket allows me to customize the exact way I want the website looks and feels.

Any suggestion?