custom home page to use with custom fields plugin

I am looking for a simple wordpress page template creating that will only show details from custom fields from your plugin and the featured image. The template must be responsive and function correctly. Is this something that you are able to advise me on or point me in the direction of someone who is familiar with your plugin that can create it for me?


  • Alexander
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    Hey @dominic_vitzthum,

    Well, while we won’t be able to code it for you, I can advise you on getting one setup. Is there a particular theme you’re using?

    These templates are built based on the original theme. Just like pages and posts can be displayed differently, you can create a file to display custom post types.

    Also, is there a specific plugin you’re looking for this to work with? (CustomPress/MarketPress/ Directory etc.)

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

    Best regards,

  • domvitz
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    Hi Alexander…. many thanks for your prompt response.

    I am currently using the weaver ii theme ( it works really well and the functionality is just great. This is combined with Visual Composer from wp Bakery ( and your excellent custom press plugin.

    These 3 together give me everything that I need from design and layout to what goes where…. its is excellent.

    If there was a theme that combined all 3 together it would be just perfect.

    Any advice you could give me would be very much appreciated. I am still learning the basics of wordpress so dumb it down as much as possible :slight_smile:

    If you know of anyone / or other members that do this sort of thing then I would be happy to pay.



  • Alexander
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    Hey there @dominic_vitzthum,

    Ok, so for CustomPress, we’re working with WordPress Custom Post types, this makes it easy to setup custom templates. This does require som PHP knowledge.

    This is shown in more detail at the article linked here, but I’ll explain breifly how it’s done.

    1. Duplicate both single.php and archive.php

    2. Rename according to your post type you created in CustomPress. For a post type called “book” it would look like this:


    3. Modify the template files to your liking. To output the custom fields from CustomPress, you can use this php code:

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[custom_fields_block]'); ?>

    Tim explains the custom field modifications with more detail here:

    And of course, if you’d like to pay for custom work we have the Job Boards. You can post a quick listing and get in touch with wordpress developers that are experienced with our plugins.

    Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you need any other help or assistance, or if there’s anything else I can go in depth on here.

    Best regards

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