Custom login and custom field with multiple step in login and redirect


I want to have custom login method for my site. Also i want to have some custom field for my user profile. I check in the User setting and i got to know that i can create custom fields over there. But when i do register with after creating custom field it come in different section as “Profile Details”, which i dont want. I want all the field which i want to keep in registration should come in rows with out any difference. Another thing i want to have email as login and registration userid. Can i do this with buddypress or not.

Second it i want three step registration process. Can any one guide me how can i do that. For example i would keep some three four field at home page of site, then after that some two or three field in step 2 and finally would like to keep two field with sending invitation with there email account contact like yahoo gmail etc in final step. And i want to keep mandatory all three steps, yes there would be some exception for some field in each step which that can skip. and all three step would be mandatory and if user logout and login again he should be directed to the step form where he had left and after completing all three step he should be redirected to customized dashboard / home page every login after that.

Also i want to know where i can have profile picture kind of the thing rather then avatars. As what i find is when person changes avatar there previous pictures get deleted. But i want to have one profile picture folder where there all previous profile pictures will get save once user update new profile picture in there account. Another one is how can do checking or matching of two fields in registration form (like how password and confirm password works). As i am not much known to PHP so i am asking what would be the function for matching two fields.

For my site i have look for Buddypress / Elgg and WP symposium. Can any help me out where i can find good comparison between three and which would be the best to go. Yaa as per my look and feel i liked buddypress but i find it more complicated so little bit afraid and want to just do comparison.


Bhavin Patel