Custom Login Form

In the example site you quote in the instruction for, they have a page with a login page. One of things missing in the instructions is a method of adding a login for a member that does not take them to the Dashboard or use the WordPress login screen.

The reason is that we are using the Wiki with Membership (and thanks for your help in getting that setup to work!!). We don't want clients and staff even seeing the WordPress admin area; it's not important.

However, a couple of things are still causing us challenges and before we go in and modify a lot of WP code, I wanted to see if you had any good suggestions:

1) How to build a login form for a page that doesn't take them to the WP Admin. It would be great if there were a shortcode for this, but I couldn't find one.
2) Changing the behavior of the "Advanced" tab in Wiki, to either turn it off or limit it to certain Member levels (is there a Group URL pattern we could use?).

Thanks again