Custom Membership Attributes Error in Membership2

I'm getting errors with the custom attributes addon.

Specifically, these paths aren't loading and giving a 500 server error:

In addition to the double slash before app, I noticed the path to these files is actually:

In wp-content/plugins/membership/premium/addon/attributes/class-ms-addon-attributes.php on line 437 I changed this line:
$addon_url = MS_Plugin::instance()->url . '/app/addon/attributes/';
to this:
$addon_url = MS_Plugin::instance()->url . 'premium/addon/attributes/';
and that seems to have helped. The popup will let me input information, but stalls out when I try to save. There's a screenshot attached. Looks like the popup is just having trouble closing. When I refresh the page, the new value is saved properly.

Hopefully this info helps create a fix or helps anyone else with the same issue!

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Michelle,

    Our developers are aware of the problem with memberships attributes and good news is that this bug is fixed in new version of the plugin.
    I can't tell when it will be released but it is now testing by whole team and it should not be long when it will be out.

    kind regards,

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