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I'm looking to create a list of Inspiring Companies for my site. I'd like have a list of say a couple hundred companies, each with their own content describing why we think they are inspiring, and then an index page which would be linked to the Navigation of the site. I'm using BP-Daily and under the Appearance section there is a Menus option. Would something like this be handled in this section? Can you give some recommendations as to the best way to handle this?

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Tammie, I don't see a way to say much other than alternate text when hovering over a link. I want a page to be generated. Seems to me that I'd want to create a table with a bunch of fields like Name, URL, Blurb, etc. where the index page I'm talking about would display all of the contents of the Name field in alphabetical order. Each name would be hyperlinked to a page that would display the information in each row corresponding to the Name of the company.

    This seems like it should be a relatively simple thing to do. Can you (or someone else) tell me how best to do this? Or suggest something similar? Again we are talking about

  • Mason


    If I understand correctly what you're looking for, then yes it can be done. It's not a simple task, but it's not too complicated if you take it a step at a time. :smiley:

    If any of the steps below appear too complicated, then it may be best to hire a developer to make the modifications for you. A good dev should be able to make the modifications quickly.

    Anyway, for the do-it-yourself folks:
    First, create a page for any and all companies you're looking to have listed. You can always add more to this list or remove them later, but since you want each company to have it's own page, go ahead and create that in WordPress. Now, before publishing any page, look directly below the Publish button and select the "Innovating Companies" page as the Parent Page. Now, when you click on the "Pages" menu item (on the left-hand of the WordPress admin) you'll notice that the new company pages will show as child pages of "Innovating Companies".

    Next you'll need to create a custom template. This will be a page that specifically pulls child pages of "Innovating Companies" and lists them alphabetically. If you're unfamiliar with how this is done there is information available in the WordPress codex:

    I'd recommend using page.php as a guide for creating your custom page. Also look at template-fullwidth.php for how you should modify the top of the file so that WordPress recognizes it as a template. Whatever name you put at the top of the file will be what shows up in the WordPress admin. Give it a name like "template-companies.php" and save it to the root theme directory (same place as page.php).

    Finally, go back to your "Innovating Companies" page and change the Template from "Default" to whatever you have named the custom template in the step above.

    Now your Innovating Companies page will show a list of all the companies and each company has it's own page!

    *Edit* If you're stuck when creating the loop for your custom template this article has a good explanation and is very similar to what you're wanting to do here: