custom metaboxes on posts page

I need some advanced wordpress help. I'm entering several film reviews as posts. I have several custom metaboxes added to the posts page for organizing/calling different information.

Here is an example:

Two problems i've run into and can't seem to find a solution for:

a) when you click on 'analysis' from the menu on the left, it pulls up the full analysis, not the excerpt. i need to make it pull in the excerpt, and then the user can click on 'expand' to view the full metabox information.

b) the url doesn't take you directly to the 'analysis' for that particular post meta information. i need it to do that.

I don't know if you offer this kind of support, as i'm not using any of your products on this particular site, tho my company is a priority member.

really hope you can offer some insight.