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One of my pages has quite a lot links and formatting on. I don't want anyone else (another super admin) to be able to accidental change this.

From the start I thought it would be better to have this as a page template and add styling to my child css for this.

My question is how exactly do I do this?

I know I should take my standard page template for my theme and add the content into that (or at least I think that is how to do it) and probably call it pagename.php

What I am unsure of is how to link that php file to a menu item on a custom wp3 menu.

I know that I can create a page and select a custom template for example without a footer or side bar, but I think this probably works differently.

I have Googled this and just come up with custom page template method.

Please help. Thanks.

  • AquaPebble


    There is an issue with the having the visual editor enabled (which is automatically is). If you click onto it it strips a whole lot of html.

    I experienced this myself and went looking for a solution, however there doesn't seem to be one from the number of posts I have read.

    The guys I am working with have access to the Admin (super admin) and I have super admin access under my name.

    They don't use the admin user, but there is a risk that they can go in there and change things. Unfortunately I can't change that they have access, but have disabled visual editor - but still no guarantee. I also have a back-up of the page in case.

    Therefore, I thought doing it in a custom page just for this particular page - which involved a lot of work - maybe a safer option.

  • AquaPebble


    Sorry was updating my post when you posted to add a link.

    I am not sure what you mean by static in the template?

    I don't want anyone else to be able to edit it and currently other super admins can.

    I am really asking advice on the best approach, as I don't know really.

    so basically

    I have a page which I am using as a front-end for a business directory using the connection directory plugin for the back-end. There are over 200 links from this page to category pages. This took a huge amount of work, which I am really worried about it being looked at by the admin (owner of the site) and out of ignorance being messed with. This is an interim directory/solution until WPMU Dev's one comes out. Also probably not the best approach either - but I am no developer.

    So somehow I want to avoid anyone else being able to mess the page up. And the post above was me, with my limited knowledge, trying to come up with a solution.

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