custom post custom field data disappears


I just lost all the custom field data for each custom post in our directory. This has happened twice now. I'm not sure what is causing it but it is a huge issue with your plugin and I need to know how to resolve it. As far as I can tell, the only changes I made to the site were:

1. Upgraded to WP 3.13
2. Ran wp-optimize on the data base.

If either one of these can cause a loss of data in your directory plugin then I need to know. If not, then there is a serious issue here and I am weary of continuing to use the plugin if the data will disappear at random.

The site is

You have been looking at this for me with regard to another plugin of your that does not work in Multi-site w/ Thesis.

Any ideas as to why the data would just disappear? Any way to back up the custom post data, including the custom fields? If not, this is a serious fault in your plugin. I'm a little irritated at this point. I invested in your company and expected to be able to use all of these wonderful plugins. Unfortunately, the few I have tried:

1. Market press
2. Directory
3. Mu Support

Have all had issues either with working properly or conflicts with Thesis, the leading pro theme on the market. You guys offer great support and I appreciate that, but it would be nice not to have to troubleshoot every plugin of yours I use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.