Custom Post Notification Per User

I've been researching for weeks to find a plugin that does what I need it to. Basically, I need a solution where the users on my site can opt in to specific combinations of post categories/custom taxonomy combinations.

By that I mean. Let's say that one of my Categories are generally 'Types of Stores' and my custom taxonomy is "Location" So I would like when a post with the category "Bicycle Shop" and the Location is "Atlanta" for a user to be able to subscribe to that combination and then be able to recieve emails when a post is made with those two parameters. There would be a TON of Categories and a TON of Locations. I would also like the users to be able to individually subscribe to mutiple different sets. Like they would receive a notification for the above scenario but they could also subscribe to a post category "Cake Shops" in the location of "Baltimore".

I have looked at all of the major plugins out there (i.e. Subscribe2, Better Notifications, and quite a few others). Do you know of a plugin that I may not ahve heard of? Or know of a developer that I could hire to accomplish this? I known solution would likely be the best if at all possible. Even if it is premium.

Thank you!