Custom post type not shown properly on IE 9 - any ideas?

So with any real browser, even with IE 10 and 11, my room pages are shown nicely (like this one: - at least as far as I know of. Only in IE 9 it looks like that - any ideas how I can fix that? At least to a degree that it is "readable" for IE 9-users?

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Matthias,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Thanks for your question.

    It's rendering better than a lot of sites do in ie9 :p

    Is it only ie9 that's acting like that or all ie9 and below?

    I'm looking at your theme here and it does claim ie9 support, have you posted on their support about this yet? They will be more familiar with the coding of the theme.

    Having said that, I just checked their support area and it looks like you already posted there and he's looking into it for the next version :slight_smile:

    Look forward to your reply here!


  • Matthias
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    well, that was a different issue, to be correct - and one I at least could work around by using the simple custom css plugin.

    Regarding the fixes I got so far - they mostly turned out to be more "half-fixes". And in case of the single-room.php - as I customized this template with Vinod's great help - I know already the answer when asking the theme developper for help :wink: If you know what I mean... :wink:

    Edit: Just saw that you asked for "below" - I don't know yet - I did not care about any older IE than 9 so far... :wink:

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello again @Matthias,

    I'm afraid I don't have IE9 anywhere to test this... I'll try to see if there's someone in the team using Windows but from what I know most of use use either Linux (like I do) or OSX.

    Have you tried installing Firebug on IE9 and examine this to see what element it is that is causing these issues?

    Please advise,

  • Matthias
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey Ari, hope you are fine today. I was off a few days - needed to get "out of code" to clear my head, so sorry for not answering sooner.

    Right now I am trying to persuade my virtual machine running IE 9 to let me run firebug - only so far it always crashes when I try that - or try to access any developer tools in IE 9 VM-Version. Which is the only way to treat it for me as I am having Mac OS... so there is no "real" IE 9 for me to install (not that I ever missed that)

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