Custom Post Type Plugins

After having found nowhere on the net specifically listing custom post type plugins for WordPress I thought it would help to have someplace that does so and I saw no better place than here where we provide so many plugins using custom post types and where there’s so much talk on the subject.

The following list of plugins (EDIT: except for CustomPress which is integrated in some of our other plugins) works perfectly well alongside our Directory, Classifieds and MarketPress plugins as well as with custom post types generated by other means. But I’m sure there’s many more still and hopefully others can help complete the list.


Our very own super-powered custom post type plugin with a sleek, visual interface for helping you to create your own custom post types.

Recent Posts for Custom Post Types

This widget plugin allows you to list your most recent custom post types in widget form.

Taxonomy Widget

A very useful widget, this thing lists your taxonomy terms, the ones you specify.

Taxonomy List Shortcode

List your taxonomy terms in a sleek, columnar format (or simple list) with this shortcode plugin.

Search Everything

This beast lets you search literally everything in your WordPress site, including custom taxonomies and custom fields within custom post types.