Custom Post Type posts in Category pages in BuddyPress Daily


I’ve added a Custom Post Type to my BuddyPress site to store venues. It’s named northings_directory.

Posts from this northings_directory Custom Post Type are showing in Search Results, but they do not show on Category pages (i.e. should show a number of posts from the Custom Post Type).

I’m using BuddyPress Daily as the template. Do I need to associate the new Custom Post Type with the Categories PHP page in the template?



  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hello Marcus,

    Are you creating the custom post types manually or are you perhaps using CustomPress to create them?

    If you’re creating them manually, perhaps I might point you in the direction of CustomPress, which allows you to more easily work with custom post types, providing all the bits and pieces to get them to display as well.

    And regarding your specific inquiry, I believe ‘category’ is a taxonomy with which the typical WordPress post type is associated. I think what you might be looking to do is create a new taxonomy and associate it with your new custom post type.



  • blfeigel
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    I just downloaded CustomPress, but none of the custom posts are showing up on my site in the activity stream. I’m currently using the base BuddyPress theme, but I’m making the home page the activity stream. What mods need to be made to get new post types to show up in the activity stream? Seems like it should work out of the box, it says it “works perfectly… BuddyPress”.

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