Custom Post Type Support?

Does this work for custom post types? if so is there manual usage php code for placement in the single-post_type.php?

If not, consider this a feature request.



  • Kimberly
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    Perhaps if you can give me a little more on what you are hoping to achieve I can maybe help you find a better answer.

    You can use our CustomPress plugin to insert fields of you are looking to add, including the embed code in the

    As for customizing the plugin output, all output is created in the codec class (file: lib/class_wdpv_codec.php), so you’ll want to make your changes there. At the moment, the changes would have to be applied to the class itself, which is not really optimal as they’ll get lost in the updates.

    Does this help?



  • JW
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    Thought I posted this in the Google Maps plugin forum? If not, sorry. The question then being: I have a custom post type already created… can I add a map to the custom post type?

    The answer I’ve figured out… Yes as long as the visual editor is active.

    Which for my purposes eliminates the need for the second question.


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