Custom post types / custom post type templates / upfront.

Hey there I recently signed up for WPMU DEV and it looks great. Must say I am a bit disappointed with the upfront editor. It showed a lot of promise in the demo but there is some core functionality I can't find.

Hopefully I'm just overlooking these features or am not familiar with how they are delineated in this editor.

Primarily I need to be able to create templates for custom post-types.
Custom press seems to be the way to go but I can't figure out how to actually get it working.

I built this site ( using headway and wp-types. I wanted to move to WPMU-DEVs framework to increase the functionality of the site. However the most basic function of the site (the custom post types) is really becoming a headache to implement under the new system. Am I missing something here.

The basic functionality is as follows:

Page 'Alberta', shows all (custom post type: 'resources' in custom layout ) with taxonomy 'Alberta'.

This is a pretty straight forward function for custom wordpress sites, it could just as well be a portfolio item or a product. Again... I feel like I'm just missing something here.