Custom Press - Being able to assign taxonomies in the admin area


I'm using the Custom Press plugin to create a gallery section on my site.

I've created custom taxonomies that are only available to attachments and that part is working fine.

BUT, I haven't figured out a way to easily assign taxonomies to images. You have to understand I have thousands of images... One wedding for example has between 20-50 images and have 150+ featured weddings on the site.

Here's what I was hoping for:

When I click on Quick Edit for a page or post, I can choose my taxonomies/categories rather easily right from there.... without having to open up the document. With media items and I have to open every single item (which is really slow btw) and then assign a taxonomy to it from there.

I also tried assigning the custom taxonomies when I uploaded, but it doesn't seem to let me make each one different. I have to make all of the images I've uploaded the same taxonomy. This doesn't work.

Can someone help simplify this for me?