Custom Press - getting template file to work and post to show the custom fields

I'm working on understanding custom press. I think I've got a lot of it working, the one area I'm having trouble with is having any of the content that I fill in in my custom post actually show up on the post.

I have create two new templates for two different kinds of custom post to test out, and I have not had success getting them to show up the data fields that I created and entered into the post (taxonomies and custom fields).

I don't understand the "loop" concept at this point.

I have 'edited' my newly created template in 'Themes - editor' and my newly created template starts out looking like this:


if (__FILE__ == $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']) { die(); }

* NOTE: this file is for compatibility.
* Layouts are created in the theme options and "design-{name}.php" files.
* Content is generated by the "template-{context}.php" files.

create_page_layout('post'); // context = post


and there is nothing else there. (other than a < and > to open and close that statement).

I have copied and pasted over some of the taxonomy and custom post embed lines trying to paste them above the above wording and below it. Neither showed any of the taxonomy or custom fields on the post itself.

What am I doing wrong? Where do I paste these embed codes? Also, how do I get these embed codes working on my regular pages?

Thanks, those are my questions for now on this.

Attached is an example of what I'm seeing and it's not working as is. The first three lines in the attached image are ones that I have cut and pasted, they are custom taxonomies. The next lines are the lines that were there when I opened up this newly created template file (Created from Custom Press - Settings)

Please help : )