custom products: how to implement a configurator

Hi, my ecommerce site is meant to have very few products, but there will be a configurator that the customer will use to create his/her own variation of a product, changing five or six elements of it (high, bottom, sides, etc.)
So... I cannot create a list of pre-made products as set in the Products section, but - I suppose - just one empty box in which normal product features (SKU, photo, price, etc. ) will be created and put in it by the configurator only when the potential customer completes the configuration process.
There is not a list of standard products to show in advance and to choose from.

My question is:
1) how have I to organize my plugin Products settings to implement the configurator?
2) what else I have to make sure to be done to make the system function?

The configurator is not yet constructed, so I can establish it to have all the commands that we need to function correctly...! But I have to know what they are!

Thank you so much for your support
They tell that the future will see more and more configurators in the web marketplaces, so I hope this question will be helpful for many other WPMUdev members.