custom products: how to implement a configurator

Hi, my ecommerce site is meant to have very few products, but there will be a configurator that the customer will use to create his/her own variation of a product, changing five or six elements of it (high, bottom, sides, etc.)
So... I cannot create a list of pre-made products as set in the Products section, but - I suppose - just one empty box in which normal product features (SKU, photo, price, etc. ) will be created and put in it by the configurator only when the potential customer completes the configuration process.
There is not a list of standard products to show in advance and to choose from.

My question is:
1) how have I to organize my plugin Products settings to implement the configurator?
2) what else I have to make sure to be done to make the system function?

The configurator is not yet constructed, so I can establish it to have all the commands that we need to function correctly...! But I have to know what they are!

Thank you so much for your support
They tell that the future will see more and more configurators in the web marketplaces, so I hope this question will be helpful for many other WPMUdev members.


  • Stevie

    Hi Jack,
    yes, I think that the configurator will be custom coded by a developer.
    The configurator that I have in mind will be able to make a mosaic of photos to show the final visual configuration chosen by the customer: every part of the product will have a photograph for each variation and the configurator will pick the variations chosen and will put them together.
    So it will be "Drag and Drop" style or similar as far as the photo is concerned.
    But there will be also some parameters to put in (width, lenght, etc.) and informations to enter (e.g. an image sent by the customer)

    By the way...any advice about where to find the right developer? Are there any WPMUDev partners to ask for a quotation? Otherwise, I would refer to Odesk or Rent-a-coder or similar.

    Thank you

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there Stefania,

    I hope you are well today, sorry for the delay, due to time difference, I was alseep.

    Thank you for the additional information, This sounds like it will end up being quite complex and will most likely been reasonably expensive.

    I'm afraid as far as functions go etc, that will most likely be down to the developer who is hired to custom code, there are functions with marketpress.php file, of for example products etc, but the developer may do it a different way, it really depends on what the developer does I'm afraid.

    For finding a developer, you could try posting a job on the WPMU DEV job board here or try a freelancer website, such as a odesk or people per hour etc :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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