Custom Profile theme for Buddypress/Educlean/WPMU

Hey there,

I was just browsing a fashion site on the Ning Network and noticed they have a cool option to customize their user profiles with different themes. Is there anything like this for BuddyPress/ Educlean/WPMU? Or maybe something that can be developed?


    that would be an interesting concept...actually i been working something like this where
    user can style their proifle and all style data save via user meta...profile page with page template on wp/wpmu...

    haven't tried on buddypress profile tho
    i think it is possible using the same code concept like buddypress social flickr and embed
    code where they used user meta to store save data for each user individually..



    I know for my site the users are more creative and like to be different. It would really make the experience on my site more fun and appealing. Let me know what you come up with.

    I think the market for custom profile themes could be a monetary niche as well, just like twitter, facebook and myspace custom themes. The users would pay for that stuff!!