custom profile types/fields

I have tried the steps given here:

I have added everything to my bp-custom.php file, and i’ve also adjusted my edit.php file as noted above. What do I do now?

I need to have different profile types…such as Models, Actors, Musicians and so on. During registration, the user needs to be given the option of selecting a profile type. I’m using the WP User Roles at Registration plugin for this. I think it works? If not…I can just deactivate and delete it. Once they select a profile type, they need to be able to add their appropriate details, example: if they selected Model, they need to input height, weight, hair color and so on. If they selected musician, they need to input band name, record label and so on.

NOTE: This process does not have to happen during registration. I am okay with the user simply selecting a profile type, then coming back after account activation to edit their profile details. Either way…different profile types need to display different profile fields, and the profile account holders should be able to edit these custom fields from theit Profile > Edit screen.

Thank you so much for the help in advance


PS – the website I’m trying to do this on is at:

theworldwaitingtv [dot] com

if you need a login to get in and check things out, please let me know…I’ll gladly send you a login.