Custom query maps with custom taxonomies & custom post types

I created a directory of cultural actors of my region using CustomPress and I've integrated it with Google Maps plugin as well, but I'm stuck at this point:

I want to show common maps on top of the listings of my custom taxonomy archive pages. I'd like these maps to show only items from the custom post type I created that share the custom taxonomy of a certain region, but I tried digging deeper into the capabilities of the "query" parameter of the shortcode and couldn't find the answer, how would you deal with that?

Also, as a side-question if you could... I currently allow users to create posts of this custom post type using Gravity Forms + CPT addon but I'm having trouble afterwards for letting the users edit the content and custom fields, taxonomies etc... of their posts on the front-end after creating them. Any ideas or plugins from your collection that could help me achieve this?

Thanks for your attention and support

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @David Riveroll,

    Also, I saw that show_markers="false" worked and removed the markers, but this wasn't properly documented on the instructions,

    Could you mention where on the instructions you're referring to? I'd be more than glad to get that fixed up for you. :slight_smile:

    Multiple locations on same map, but instead of only grouped by tag like in example present on instructions it would be from custom post type "perfil_cultural" only and for each term of the "municipio" taxonomy, show only the spots on the map that have that term in common.

    I'm not sure I quite understand your question, could you rephrase this please?

    Also, could you share a link to the page that has the map on it?

    Please advise,

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