Custom Quicktags for all blogs/Sites

Hi, I'm the administrator of a blog network.

I'm using the Easy Disable Visual Editor plugin ( which works tremendously well on all my blogs! Placed it inside my mu-plugins. Disabled visual editor on every blog on the network. Works! Great! Fine.

Anyway I was looking for a way to add useful quicktags for all my blogs (H2, H3, wp-syntax codes and more...) because people don't remember how to use them (and don't know them all). So I needed something to create new quicktags (and maybe edit the text on the standard ones).

I want to create/edit quicktags and deploy them to all my blogs, my users' blogs and every Site using my wordpress mu. Globally.

I've found AddQuicktag ( and it works in mu, but every blog has to create/edit his own tags. Tedious. And not every user knows how to do it.

Suggestions? Ideas? Plans for a similar plugin?

Also if you have any "lateral" idea to solve the issue (limiting the users ability to mess up posts code), please tell me :slight_smile:


  • Nick

    Thanks Andrew,

    not sure such a plugin would interest many of our members

    I see the point and probably you're right though I am a control freak and I like nice code on my blogs :slight_smile:

    I'm not sure a quicktag could simplify <h2></h2>

    You're definitely a coder! Aren't you? :slight_smile:
    Anyway it depends. You can rename the quicktag like "Header 2" or "Title 2" and use it just like I'm using the b-quote tag right now in this reply form. Obviously it's far more useful for tags like "pre lang=php" and others. Anyway it's just like the "b" quicktag, isn't it?

    It might be best to just hack some instructions into the new post page. You could probably add the instructions via a plugin as well.

    I think that's what the AddQuicktag plugin does. But it does it in a per-blog basis. It basically need to be "converted" into a "global" plugin.

    Anyway thanks for the reply. I'm still looking for others idea/suggestions. Maybe I'll get in touch with the AddQuicktag author.
    Thanks Andrew!

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