Custom Quicktags for all blogs/Sites

Hi, I’m the administrator of a blog network.

I’m using the Easy Disable Visual Editor plugin ( which works tremendously well on all my blogs! Placed it inside my mu-plugins. Disabled visual editor on every blog on the network. Works! Great! Fine.

Anyway I was looking for a way to add useful quicktags for all my blogs (H2, H3, wp-syntax codes and more…:wink: because people don’t remember how to use them (and don’t know them all). So I needed something to create new quicktags (and maybe edit the text on the standard ones).

I want to create/edit quicktags and deploy them to all my blogs, my users’ blogs and every Site using my wordpress mu. Globally.

I’ve found AddQuicktag ( and it works in mu, but every blog has to create/edit his own tags. Tedious. And not every user knows how to do it.

Suggestions? Ideas? Plans for a similar plugin?

Also if you have any "lateral" idea to solve the issue (limiting the users ability to mess up posts code), please tell me :slight_smile: