Custom Registration Fields for Pro-Sites

Hi there

Does anyone know how to add axtra fields when users create a prosite. I would like t add telephone number when a user register to create a prosite


  • Patrick
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    Hi @Skycloud,

    ProSites doesn't modify the registration process. It basically defines the capabilities a user has on a particular site or network by limiting or granting access to features.

    You would need another plugin to modify profile fields upon registration. Are you using BuddyPress or Membership plugins on your site?

  • Skycloud
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    Hi Patrick

    Thank you for your response.

    I am talking about the wp-signup.php when someone signs up for a pro site. Currently it only shows the following:
    Gimme a site / just a username please

    I want to add telephone number here as well

    Do you know of any plugin I can use to add the extra field here


  • eblogger
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    Dear WPMUDEV:

    Regarding this thread, please see also:

    My post from that thread below may be helpful on this topic:

    I would like to update this topic. To use the suggested solution, I installed BP, along with the the XProfile plugin, which allows you to create extra profile fields and integrate them right into the registration/sign up page.

    However, what it does is create a two-column registration page. On the left are the BP fields and on the right are the usual WP fields and registration. With pro sites installed, this means that when you arrive at the option to register for and create a blog site, the pro sites theme previewer area is confined to only 1/2 of the page. This constricts the theme screen shots that are the basis of the theme preview. Hovering over them allows for a "preview option"; the preview is opened in a new tab/window. With this size constriction, it really affects the quality of the look of the theme preview grid generated by pro sites, and I therefore no longer recommend this option if you are using pro sites, unless you want to code your own CSS for the Register page. Good luck with that!

    I found an alternative solution: A plugin called Register Plus Redux:

    It allows you to create as many extra Register fields as you want, without having to ad BP to the system, and allows you to add those fields to the Registration page and to the profile page. It has standard field types, like date field, text field, drop down choice, etc. It adds the fields right into the pro sites signup page and does not constrict the page to a two column layout, and therefore does not ruin the theme previewer that is part of the pro sites signup process.

    Hope this helps someone who might have a similar question in the future.

  • Patrick
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    Hi @eblogger

    Thanks for sharing your solution!

    But I'd like to comment on 2 things:

    1. Pro Sites doesn't have a theme previewer feature. What you have described is a feature of the New Blog Templates plugin:

    2. Styling the columns of the registration page to make 'em look purty is actually a lot easier than you may think. Simply add the following to the style-sheet of your theme/child-theme, or use a handy plugin like this one for all your custom CSS needs:

    #buddypress .standard-form #blog-details-section { width:100%; }
    #buddypress .standard-form select { width:29%; }
    #buddypress .standard-form #basic-details-section input[type=password] { width:90%; }

    You can see the effect of the code above in the following screenshots in the Twenty-Thirteen & Twenty-Fourteen themes respectively.

  • eblogger
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    ok, three things in response.

    first, thanks for taking the time to point this out. i am going to try it and report back.

    second, on my recommendation of the Register Plus Redux plugin,
    i am currently experiencing issues with the proper rendering of the password strength and password mismatch messages. i am using wp 3.8 and the official plugin page says only compatible until 3.5.2. so, hopefully, they'll update it. if not, be careful with it. there are a few other similar ones. i'll try the buddypress option again and some others and write back because modifying the registration fields is a common question.

    third, you are correct that i was describing the new blogs template plugin for the theme viewer. i had it installed. the new update (brand new today!) allows me to place the previewer anywhere on the site, even pre-registration, and has its own option for the sizes of the screenshots. so that part of my question is resolved.

    thanks again.

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