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We're trying to develop a Wordpress Network where we can have 2 membership types that will have access to similar content. The problem is we need the 2 membership types to each have different register fields (about 30-40 questions they have to answer first), they then need to be manually approved by the admin. We're trying to figure out if the membership plugin can support this (or any plugin for that matter)

I did see a post where Buddypress was recommended for custom user register fields, however Im confused if Buddypress is a Wordpress plugin or an entirely different offshoot project?


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    Hi there,

    BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin and you can create custom profile/registration fields. However, I don't believe that BuddyPress allows you to have multiple registration pages. It does, though, create a different registration page from the standard WordPress registration page. You could, in theory, use both pages for different purposes but that would be kind of wonky.

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    Uniimi is right that BuddyPress is a plugin that can allow you to add extra profile fields to the registration. However, it will not allow you to have a second registration alongside Membership which completely over-rides the registration process.

    I do think you can achieve this using Membership in part though.

    I'd suggest you have two subscriptions which folks would choose when they register.

    The first level of each subscription would provide access to just one page (a different page for each subscription) which would contain the form with your questions. I'd recommend using something like Gravity Forms for that.

    Then, once they've submitted the form you can manually move them onto the next level, which would provide them with the access you desire and act as an approvals process.

    How does that sound?


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    Thanks for your reply guys!

    Phil would using Marketpress along allow for different registration fields for the different membership types? I saw in another post it might be possible with "custom coding", I'm just wondering how intense the custom coding would be...


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