Custom Registration Form For Membership 2 pro

What is the simplest way to build a custom registration form in M2 pro?

We need address, social media channels, and a few other fields.

Then can a member update these in their profiles. We have moved a membership site into a new development site that was using WishList Membership – and we need this feature to complete the site.

We also need this registration page and the membership lists page to match the style sheet of the rest of the pages on the site

Please advise ASAP as I’m behind the eight ball to finish this site.

I see from the forum that some of tried cimy user extra fields plugin. but they had problems and it appeared that no solution was offered.

If we were to build a form from scratch like gravity forms how does this link up to M2 pro

and the main WordPress user’s profile.

I’m sorry but I’m newbee to membership projects so I need things explained in layman’s terms please…

Thank you for your help!

Larry Davis