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I'm creating our membership site w/ multiple membership levels (free, member level 1, member level 2...) and with multiple subscription options. I'd like to add another field or two on the registration page.

I've disabled the WordPress registration, created a WordPress (registration) page with the [subscriptionform] shortcode in it and would like add a passcode field, after the username, email and password fields. The users' input into this new passcode field would determine their membership level. (Example- passcode: apple = membership level 1, passcode: banana = membership level 2... )

So I'm looking to add a field, as well as the logic to channel/setup the user to the proper membership level based on the passcode entered.

Thanks for your help.

  • DavidM

    Hi qln and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Membership doesn't currently provide a front-end for handling additional fields in the registration process. Those things can be added with a bit of custom coding and if you're comfortable with coding you can take a look at the following file in the Membership plugin folder for a great example of how to achieve that.

    That simple invites plugin contains all the bits and pieces needed to add in a field along with other items like adding options to the Membership options page.

    I should mention though, if you're using BuddyPress, additional profile fields are easily possible, as Membership provides all that's needed for BuddyPress profile fields to show during registration.

    That said, if you have any questions on any of these, please let us know and we'll see how we can assist you there! :slight_smile:


  • DavidM

    Hi qln,

    Actually, if you take a look at that simple invites code, you'll see there's a number of actions and filters being used to hook into Membership. Given that, you could actually include that in your very own basic plugin or in your theme's functions.php if you like.

    And here's a great resource on creating a plugin, with all the basic code needed to do it.


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