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i want three step registration process. Can any one guide me how can i do that. For example i would keep some three four field at home page of site, then after that some two or three field in step 2 and finally would like to keep two field with sending invitation with there email account contact like yahoo gmail etc in final step. And i want to keep mandatory all three steps, yes there would be some exception for some field in each step which that can skip. and all three step would be mandatory and if user logout and login again he should be directed to the step form where he had left and after completing all three step he should be redirected to customized dashboard / home page every login after that.

  • greg_mcewan_marriott
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    aaaah the holy grail. When you find it please share it. Been trying this for months, they are going to throw a lot of “go read this thread”, go read that thread at you…. you will hear words such as gravity forms and go off on quests scouring through page after page of forum posts there at gravity, snippets here snippets there….

    How can something with so much potential be so elusive, require so much tweak here, edit here, try this…. you have WordPress with wp-register and wp-sign up, you have buddypress with its own bp registration , you have membership , you have prosite with its click here click there…..

    ALL you want is something easy “AJAX” drag and drop, a few fields, a step 1, step 2, step 3 with progress indication, and a custom send to this page when done, simple REGISTER form —- the first thing that EVERY user has to experience on ANY site…. yet something so elusive , an enigma

    So when you find that easy WP/BP 123 steps register page… PLEASE PLEASE share with us… or when you find that real bright developer, please try and show him that a “plugin” to edit the BP reg process would be nothing short of heaven sent

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Well it seems like Greg nailed this one.

    In WordPress alone it simple is not possible.

    Here is the easiest way as I see it. Or at least my preferred way.

    1. Install BuddyPress:

    It’s a social networking plugin but you can disable all the other stuff you don’t need. It has a feature for creating custom profile fields.

    It’s that feature you want for custom form fields, custom entries like date of birth, what books they read or anything else. They can be mandatory or optional, you can also allow them to make private so only you and them see it.

    2. Go checkout Gravity Forms or Formidable Pro:

    Both allow you to create signup forms and I believe support multiple step and BuddyPress.

    3. For a customised Dashboard you might consider this plugin:

    For redirect on login then perhaps something like:

    Hope this helps.

    Take care.

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