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I would like to RSS FEED my post or page out, which has image aligned left or right AND to appear the same presentation in the RSS fed page on an external site, what are the options in WPMU, plug in or hack?

  • drmike
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    Interesting question actually.

    You would actually have to include the individual blog’s css within the feed. That’s actually allowed and here’s a basic description on how to do it:

    You should be able to add in such a line via the rss_head hook within wp and wpmu as a plugin. At least for rss:

    Updated themes are supposed to include the align images code introduced a few versions ago within their theme’s css.

    The problem though is that 1) some themes use multiple css files, 2) plugins add their own css, 3) not all theme designer have paid attention to the new requirements and 4) I believe the API doesn’t require css within a feed to be obeyed and it may just ignore it all.

    *shrug* Give it a shot.

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