Custom Sections


Right now when one clicks on Store>Products the list page opens… it possible to display Sections first…what I mean by that is when one clicks on Store (header menu) viewer sees a custom template page with various sections (paintings, books, tees etc) listed and then upon clicking Sections (can be image or text links) sees respective product lists…is it possible (somehow) to create a site wide (must act choose and select from a drop down list) custom field (a broader category kind of a thing) so that members have to click on that before hitting the publish button…..Is CustomPress is the solution or even if I need to get it hard coded which file should I refer to….?

Examples like (apart from price, coupons, excerpts, shipping etc) things like

Product > Painting : Medium, Style, Size etc

Product > Books : Author, Publisher, Edition etc

Product > Tees : Size, Color, Artist etc