Custom sidebar menu for wiki pages

We have installed both the Wiki and Q&A plugins from WPMU Dev. We also installed the "Genesis Simple Sidebars" extension to allow us to assign a different sidebar for each page (or section of pages). For example, if we follow the instructions on the "Usage" tab at, there are several widgets mentioned. But the page created by the Wiki plugin is a virtual page (ours is at, and we don't know how to get into the settings of a virtual page so we can tell it what sidebar to bring up. We have the same problem with the Q&A plugin, which generates a virtual page as well. (P.S. We thought we could get around the issue by giving custom sidebar menus to every other page on the site, including the home page, and then leave the default sidebar assigned to the Wiki. This is how it is configured right now, which is why it appears to be working, but with another virtual page (Q&A) that needs a custom sidebar menu as well, this isn't going to work.)

The other issue is the content of this virtual page (for the Wiki home page). Right now, by default, it brings up all of the wiki pages we have authored, which is not what we want. We just want a regular page that we can edit so we can put graphics with links that point to the 10 top-level wikis. Once they are inside one of the wikis, the breadcrumbs and the sidebar menu (linking to the top-level wikis) should be adequate navigation. Is there a way to edit the main body content of this virtual page?