Custom Sidebar on the Q&A Page - How?


I've created a Custom Sidebar (WPMU plugin) which is to be applied to the Question post type. It works perfectly well if a user goes to Q&A, then selections a question to view - the sidebar appears.

But I need a sidebar to appear on the top-level Q&A page. I cannot use the theme's default sidebar because that must contain more generalized widgets which appear in other areas of the site.

Granted, I could use the theme's default sidebar as the Q&A page sidebar, populated with the correct widgets for Q&A, then use all custom sidebars for every other page on the site, but that becomes a bit extreme for administration with many pages created and expected in the future.

It seems that I should be able to apply the custom Q&A sidebar to the main Q&A page. Is there a method?

Screenshots attached for clarity.

Support access is turned on if that helps.

Thanks for your help or insight!