Custom Sidebar Plugin not Showing on BuddyPress Pages

I am building a custom theme from the Starkers HTML5 Master skeleton theme. Everything is pretty much complete except for the community. BuddyPress has installed ok, and now I am playing with the design and CSS of these pages.

I installed your Custom Sidebar plug-in and was very pleased to see that I could finally place custom sidebars on each of my group pages. On the back end, everything works great. However, the sidebars do not show on the pages.

I tested the custom sidebar on my regular WP pages, and it works fine. But on BuddyPress, only the default sidebar widgets show up (Search, Archives, Meta).

I have not created any custom templates for BuddyPress. The plug-in is using my existing theme's settings and formatting. The sidebars that are showing on BuddyPress are the defaults from my theme.

I am using the Per Page Sidebard (PPS) plugin to make custom sidebars for my other theme pages, but there's no way to create a PPS sidebar for BuddyPress. The Custom Sidebar plug-in seemed to solve that problem on the back end, just not the front end. And as I said, it's only the BP pages that are affected.