custom sidebars pro makes no sense to me

This plugin makes no sense to me --

I use conditional widgets -- which from what I read is the same thing ---

This plugin does not add new sidebars ---

so I created a new sidebar called left of logo --

I placed a sidebar on my screen and used left of logo --

There is no where to drag a widget ??????

so I go to my page and on the right it has all the theme sidebars
so I take the drop downs for left submenu sidebar and choose my new sidebar left of logo

Now I go to widgets and try to drag and drop something into the left submenu -- will not take it
try to drag something into left of logo -- will not take it --

Why didn't I just use left submenu for my area to start with??

Why the extra layer???

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi mindset!

    I made a quick screencast of the process for setting up a new Custom Sidebar that's going to replace your theme sidebar.

    Make sure you've allowed your current sidebar to be overwritten by ticking the box. (Check my screenshot)

    Next, make sure that if you previously tried our Custom Sidebars Lite, you've deactivated and uninstalled it.

    Third, if you're using any caching plugins, try disabling them to see if they might be interfering with your new sidebars saving/accepting widgets.

    As for why you'd use this plugin instead of just your theme sidebar, you can create as many different sidebars as you like with CSP, and you can choose which sidebars go with individual posts and pages on the post/page edit screen.

    Do any of these suggestions seem like they might help?

  • aristath

    Hello again @mindset, I hope you're well today!

    This plugin does NOT add conditional widgets.
    It adds conditional sidebars.
    This way you can have a completely different sidebar specified for your pages and your posts for example and differentiate their content that way.
    It would be a lot more confusing if the conditionals were on each widget because in that case you'd have 10 widgets in a sidebar and you'd have to open them all up to see which one goes where.

    I hope that clarifies it!


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