Custom Sidebars Pro & Sidebar & Widget Mgr by OTWthemes

Sorry I’ve had to slap this into the General category but, you know, not everything has a category.

So, one of the older sites I manage uses a plugin called Page Builder (which is still being developed) which is a kind of weird framework builder. It lets you create rows at either 100% or segment the row into columns of different widths. It’s not very sophisticated.

But because the client’s theme came with about 3 different page templates, I started using a Page Builder column to stack widgets. That’s what Page Builder is for. You can put any widget in any row or column.

To give myself more sidebar options than those that came with the 3 templates, I started using Sidebar and Widget Manager by OTWthemes and its been okay but neither Page Builder or Sidebar Manager will let you do one simple thing – wrap the container in a class. It’s hard to duplicate the look of a sidebar when you can’t wrap a bunch of stacked widgets…

So I’ve already got all this installed and it’s been running forever. Now I have YOUR Custom Sidebars Pro which I want to use, however I have a (maybe irrational) fear that it’s going to have a fight with Sidebar and Widget Manager that will make a battle scene from Game of Thrones look like polite disagreement.

Do you have any information on Sidebar and Widget Manager and whether it can play nicely with Custom Sidebars Pro? I can’t just up and disable Sidebar and Widget Manager without the site falling down.

Thanks for whatever info you can offer.