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Hi there,

I just installed the ProSites plugin installed along with visual composer. I created custom pricing plans using a visual composer addon and pointed each buttons to the specific URL that the prosites plugin generated.

Now I would like to know how I can create or embed a custom form so that once the user selects such button it will load the signup page where he/she can enter their info such as username, email, password, etc..

How is this done?

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  • Nastia
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    Hello Landon , I hope you are doing well!

    Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this. This will require custom coding

    Please note that each user that will wish to be registered on your site will be redirected to this page:

    You will need modify the way how the plugin is working with custom coding. I'll quoted my colleague Jude, that posted instructions on this post:

    1) Remove all filters / actions that pro sites latches on to from the default WP hooks.

    2) Study the functions you are detaching, make a note of all calls to other pro sites functions

    3) Create a static Pro Sites class object and use that in your code and call the above noted functions from the object in you custom code.

    4) Call your code on the form submitted callbacks of Gravity ( Gravity plugin in case you will use it for user registration) .

    This will require deep know age of PHP language, and it is out of support that we can provide in our forums. Feel free to post a new job in the Jobs & Pros section, so a skilful developer can do this for you.

    I can suggest a workaround here, the Pro Site plugin have an option where you can customize the Pro Sites tables and add custom CSS to it. If you are familiar with CSS, this will be easier to do.

    Go to Pro Sites > Pricing Tables > Styling

    And if you need any help to customize the current Pro Sites tables with CSS, please let us know, we will be glad to assist you.

    Kind regards,


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