Custom styles not being picked up

I'm using the Builder to create my own custom theme and things are coming along nicely except the custom css styles are not being picked up at all in the browser.

Everything looks awesome in the Builder / Upfront editor interface (see image "how it looks in editor":wink:

the Custom Preset interface is working as expected however, when I save and then check on the front end the style will NOT display no matter what I try… (see image "how it looks in the browser":wink:

It is doing my head in!!!!!

I have an ::after class on the banner region to give the green shaded effect which I thought might be causing the issue but even if I remove it the issue with the other styling remains.

I've inspected the element in the browser and there are all of these other styles that are listed.. my custom class is nowhere to be found though and the active class is from some random core / archive css files?!? The version #s don't even match

See below for the various css files that are over riding all other styles. They're not even associated with my custom theme but look like some archived default setting?

css file for H1


css file for H4


css file for button