custom stylesheets in events+

After fussing with issues with the default templates I decided to strike out on my own. I've made templates for numerous sites… how hard could it be?

Whereas when I was using the default, I couldn't get the default archive template to use the same stylesheet (front.css) as the default single template, now I can't get my new custom single template to quit referencing the front.css template. Yipes. I've tried toggling on and off the override button in the settings… to no avail. I can get it to recognize my new template, but it's overriding my styles with those from front.css.

That's the first problem.

The next problem I'm having is duplicate content on the single pages. I created a template like so: copied the single default template into my themes folder. Added template naming code at the top. Changed some of the wrapping divs to match my theme. (same things I did for the archive, which now works beautifully).

But, on the single template I was getting duplicate blocks with the date, time, cost, and ticketing buttons. Plus, if you're logged in and you click to RSVP yes to an event you get TWO different 'you need to pay' boxes. (see screenshot)

Is there a reference of bits and pieces of the templates that I can look at to determine where stuff is coming from? I stripped out enough code to get the duplicate event meta to disappear.

I'd love to be able to put the events breadcrumbs above the page title like the rest of my theme, but I can live with it where it is.

My template, as it is right now, is here