custom tag pages reduce bounce rate in google search

I am building a reality show website called New Immigrant and when researching the best way to get my anchor tags listing strong in google I see an advantage I am not using to a full potential and would like some feedback.

We all know tags cloud -tags rank in search engines when added to our site-maps etc… but google is watching the bounce rate to decide if the page is worthy of top ten ranking.

My goal is to find a way to reduce the bounce rate which right now on tag pages is reading 60-70% way to high for a valued search position.

I started researching tags and custom tage pages and ran reports using I came across a bunch of sites that were clearly not using tags the standard WP way but the were creating custom tage pages and the information was controlled by additional options not a pulled reference of the blog pages a tag was mentioned.

So with out writing for 10mins on this the closing example of what I want

I want to be able to edit the above page and focus on quality content in a tag page to reduce the bounce rate below 35%. I dont want to build out a huge page but make a stronger descriptive presentation of anchor tag in this case “learn Hebrew

Has anyone been doing this and do you know a plugin to do custom tag pages.

please help