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Hello to everybody,
I'm trying to solve a problem I have on one of my clients' webiste.
I need to put on every taxonomy page (example: a text note, different for each item of the taxonomy (one for "hall", one for "courtyard", etc). Since the taxonomy items will be created and managed by my client, I cannot create custom templates for each single item (I know, a dumb solution but it's the first one I thought of) but I have to create some kind of automatic process.
What I'm planning to do is to create a "locations" custom post type, hidden from navigation, where my client will create posts with the same name of taxonomy items: "hall", "courtyard", "conference room", etc. and with the contents he need to show on each taxonomy item page.
Then, on the custom taxonomy template that I'm going to create I'll put a Loop that will call the post with the same name of the taxonomy.
So, If I'm go to the url "" I'll see a page with the following content
1. Title: Hall (the taxonomy name)
2. comment: the Loop showing the post titled "hall"
3. content: the list of posts tagged under "hall" taxonomy

What do you think of it? Is there an easier way? Is there maybe some kind of plugin to do this with a couple of clicks? (dreaming is not a crime... :wink:)

  • Philip John


    So, in essence you want each taxonomy term to have a piece of information associated to it - like a paragraph of text?

    To do this, you'll need to provide some sort of mechanism that works similar to post categories whereby you can provide a description for each category.

    You'd need to store the info using the Options API.

    That's a fair bit of custom development so unless you're comfortable developing WP plugins you'll want to seek the assistance of a developer.


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