Custom taxonomy values for custom post type changes automatically.

Hi, I am using wp-types plugin to create custom post type. I have a custom post type opportunity and taxonomy terms topics, region, activities with this post type.

When I create a new opportunity post type with say topics = health,fashion and region=united kingdom and activities=speak to source then after some time i when go for edit I see values are changed automatically to topics=activism, region=united states and activity=ask for product.

My research on this issue:

This issue does not happen for all opportunity i mean not all times. It happens randomly.

activism is the first topic in taxonomy list.

united-states is the first region in list

ask for product is also the first activity in list.

By first in list i mean they are saved in db with lowest value id.

I can also give you an access to see what happens by yourself.

Its very important for us because we just went for live few days ago and our client is very important for us.