Custom template shoots Appearance settings - bug

- select a plugin template in "Settings > Appearance" (like Full-Width...)
- then copy the correct template file to your own theme-child and modify

- works as it should. I'm happy.

- visit again the Events Settings page: "Appearance" tab is missing.
- change anything anywhere and save Settings

- Events Appearance settings are deleted (guess as the tab wasn't present when saving)
- Events shows default (no selected) template, thus ignoring custom template

1. rename custom template files so they are ignored
2. (reload dashboard and) make whatever event settings AND correct Appearance choice
3. rename custom template files to correct name

The problem:
The Events Settings have an issue with custom templates.
I do understand the idea of disabling the Appearance tab when custom templates are present in the current theme but the bug here lies in the issue the Appearance settings are saved as "none" (cleared) when saving the Events Settings instead of keeping whatever current Appearance settings are set.
I recommend to at least fix this "clearing of Appearance settings" and preferably rethink the Appearance / custom template handling.

  • Anang
    • New Recruit

    Hi @catalyst

    Thanks for contacting us :slight_smile:

    I tried to replicate your issues, but seems it's working fine on me (Appearance tabs still there). Could you tell me where you copy your "modified" files ? if it's in folder , please mention on what folder :slight_smile: I need to reconfirm this bug before report to the Developer :slight_smile:

    Best Regards

  • catalyst
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    As per instructions I've been reading across this forum, I copy the files I want to change from the plugin's template folder to the currently active theme's folder.

    Detailed setup in this case:

    Copy these files


    to the child of the activated theme


    It works as Events displays the changes from those child files but it also results in the above.
    My previously described issue replication procedure works every time as described. Also to note is that there was no Appearance tab issue until I added the child theme template files. Given my Events configuration is done I can live with it (working on the template files in the child theme has - as expected - no affect on the Events settings) but if it's a general issue then it might give a headache to others who style first and then do the configuration later.

  • catalyst
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    When I rename/move the templates files used in the child theme before I open the Events Settings page, the Appearance tab shows up with correct settings loaded. (remember earlier I described how it shows up with no saved settings.. that is the case when I open Settings while the template files are still "loaded", ie not renamed/moved).

  • Anang
    • New Recruit

    Hi @catalyst

    I can replicate your scenario there, and I can confirm the appearance tab settings is missing. And I will ask Developer is this an issue or feature ? Since you override the themes there, appearance settings wouldn't do anything, and better to be hidden (in my opinion).

    Thanks for your input, and I will confirm it soon :slight_smile:

    Best Regards

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