Custom Template Translation

I'm creating a multilanguage site and extensively using a child-theme to get things done. I've created several CPTs for which I have created custom frontend forms for the input and custom template pages for the output. For the translations, I'll be using WPML, so most of the translation will be quite simple, but I'm wondering about all of the static text strings in the custom template files that I've created. It looks like I could wrap all of the strings as so: <?php _e('text-to-translate', 'text-domain'); ?> But, that looks messy... I'm wondering if I can just append the parent theme's POT file? So, essentially add new lines for all of my static text in my custom template files and then use the new POT file to generate the po and mo files and the put everything in my child-theme/languages folder? Would this work and would it be the best approach?