Custom templates and login redirect issue

Hello, I am trying to set up a custom template for when you click on a Category listing link, at the moment it is just using my default templete from wordpress.

I have managed to create a default template for an individual listing by creating the file: single-listing.php in the main theme directory, but i cannot seem to find an alternative for a category or tag listing.

Also since i have installed the plug in, when i log in to my admin i am now been taken to the home page. obviously this is because the Redirect URL (sign in) is empty. My issue is that i want to directed to my admin dashboard when loged in as admin. But if a directory person login i want them to be taken to the page which i have selected on the Redirect URL (sign in).

is this possible? if not how can i disable this feature as there are plugins that do this task, but are been overridden by the directory plugin.

many thanks in advice