Custom templates don't apply to shortcodes

I want to apply a custom template to shortcodes so I can template them in accordance to Bootstrap. I have the necessary template over rides for mp_products.php and mp_product_list.php but these do not appear to affect shortcodes. Specifically, I am using the mp_list_products at the moment.


  • Gareth

    Hi Jude,

    So here's the gist of the situation. I have the templates set up in accordance to the documentation within the plugin: (marketpress/ui/themes/Theming_MarketPress.php) and those are working fine for organising layouts and what not on product single pages and product list pages ect...

    On the homepage of the website I have the following shortcode: [mp_list_products paginate="0" per_page="6" list_view="1" filters="0" filters="0"]

    The goal of this is to display recent products. However, none of the templates I have currently set up seem to affect the layout / output here. The templates I have set up are as follows (in my themes folder):


    Unfortunately this is a local development project so I can't give you a preview, however I have attached a screenshot of the current situation.

  • Gareth

    Hello Jude,

    I managed to resolve this by not using shortcodes and just using the custom post-type loop with MarketPress to achieve what I wanted. Thanks for your help :wink:

    You guys have a great product, and I enjoy all the plugins. The documentation is a little convoluted though. Having said that, I realise it must be a massive under taking to keep everything up to date and legible across a variety of skill levels.

    Thanks again and good luck!

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